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In 2020, the Cascade Rural Fire Protection District conducted an organizational assessment to better understand the needs of the agency.  One of the outcomes was the desire to support the community in a way that would allow them to become more connected. 

We held our first annual 9/11 Golf Tournament at the Cascade Golf Course which launched the organization to become a non-profit 501(c)(3) in January of 2021. 

Since then, we have raised over 30k through various fundraisers and community donations. 


We have supported multiple families during the loss of their home. 

We supported the Watkins Fire Employees during their displacement of work. 

We have provided countless Smoke Detectors to homes, one saving a life and a home just two weeks after being installed by the Fire Department.

We have begun providing scholarships for high school students in 2022. 

We supported the 100+ evacuated residents during the four corners fire and became the space to provide water, food, housing, and other needs during the hardships experienced.  

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