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We Care About Our Community

Community Outreach | Burn Out | Education

Firehouse Gear

Our Mission

We provide funds to The City of Cascade and the lower half of Valley County to support Burnout Funds, Community Outreach, and Education provided by donations and raised funds.

How We Serve Our Community

Our 3 Pillars

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Funds are provided to citizens, businesses, and entire communities that may experience hardships from structural or wildfires.  We offer monetary support for lodging, food, clothing, and other expenses incurred that are unexpected.  


We award scholarships to high school students, local residents, and other partnering agencies that are working towards obtaining education for Fire, EMS, and First Responder certifications and training.


We provide opportunities to deliver resources to residents, businesses, schools, and other non-profits focused on Fire prevention & EMS.

We provide smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, batteries, and other preventative services to keep our residents and businesses safe.

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